Friday, 14 August 2009


Tonight at 10PM crystal in the palm of the hand will begin issuing new colors a bizarre turn your vital first memories of life. You know it is time to stand among the ruins of monuments, shroud* designed around you, to face the sanctuary of the cosmic giant.

Your link, George Quartz, holding hands and gently as you undress sirens swell around you and the heavens and break down. You finally have the opportunity to learn about your Personal Victories.

As the stars align and the sun is eclipsed, the armored sentries Blixaboy will be known as the approach to the horizon on a ghost trolley. A phone is displayed as usual, and will step out to Anthony Sanford pan phantasmagoria.

* All clothing supernatural will made be possible by Javier Tellez, the man of Aanother Ddimension.

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