Friday, 7 August 2009


You are one of many on this cold, wet evening. The fog was heavy iron cloud on the brick street that affect the sound from each fingerprint. As you escape through the alley lined with waste, you realize another set of tracks next to you, and not merely an echo of the death of cooling. You hope that this labyrinth of decaying cement corridors will lead you life, as you hurry along, trying not to reveal fear. You are still in progress, but you do not know who or what.....

White Car - A Figure in the Dark

You finally have your way back to a dim street where the smell of garbage transforms suddenly into burning oil. Across, an agent of diamonds gold abuses the female pleasures as a man of no legs appeals to you from the sidewalk 'friend.' Turn its direction, like a White Car swerves toward you. You dive in time and gaze of passengers through wet glass - 'The eyes, oh my god, what wrong was of the eyes?'

Tuxedomoon - Dark Companion

As you slowly get to feet, the dust from your mantle, you can feel the eyes piercing the back of your neck. You turn see the shadow of the silhouette of your harasser and become frozen of shock and the lights reveal identities. It is a face you recognize in the depths of your unconscious, a face that has haunted you most horrific nightmares since .... that terrible night. Wondering if you dream that now the figure is closer and think about you as the chest and narrows the airways constrict, 'How did ____________ survive?'

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Anonymous said...

Did you write this? It's interesting how when we make really big mistakes we think that we most be in a dream but it's not. It's reality.

-Zane of ontario honey