Sunday, 17 May 2009



Secret/ive mastermind behind Canadia's finest musique label of the synthesized variety, Mute Records, Daniel Miller's wanderings thru the worlds of weird with musical comrade Boyd Rice result in a most hypnagogic state of perception when bent upon the formation of Cleanliness and Order. All minimal kiddie key tones overlayed with repetitive suggestion, this moment in listening time space imbues the listener with traces of deep seated desire along the keeping it clean and minding manners lines of consciousness. The mind behind dance prance floor favorites Warm Leatherette and T.V.O.D. taking a dip in the proverbial pool of irregularity with the proudest member of the Partridge Family Temple.

Boyd Rice and Daniel Miller - Cleanliness And Order

Released on Los Angeles Free Music Society label in the confines of year 1900 and 80 in conjunction with a number of other mind benders > download full compilation here.


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Anonymous said...

Music documentary's are always really cool. I love to hear the history as to why a band became what it is. I'm sure his story is amazing.

-Zane of ontario honey