Tuesday, 12 May 2009




With tunes that divulge a haunted glimpse into the psyche of a seemingly impenetrable soul languishing in never ending tangles of auditory riddle and rhythm, GARY WAR is taking sonic wizardry to levels as yet uncharted by man. While we sleep he is fashioning lyric webs like a yellow brick path thru the rawest of the honest and coated in a convolution without intention, all set adrift toward our ears inside painstakingly packaged vocals painted with the brush of layered analog distortion. In the passing of 2008s into 9s this musical compatriot of the likes of Ariel Pink and Blank Dogs has (over multiple releases present and ever nearing future) developed a singular sound that defies any predating comparisons to the former(s). Like Chrome's sacred magnet waved over an unraveled cassette of David Gilmour and Gene Clark singing love songs written about the time they washed up on a deserted island with This Heat and Cluster, all dragged through the mud of life and shot into space, War paints lo-fi portraits of the universe and covers 'Eye in the Sky' with equal ease and amaze.

Gary War - Using

Gary War - See Right Thru

Receive all War's transmissions (via generosity-at-it's-finest-download-dimension) by visiting this most magical interwebland anointed under cognomen Gary War Fun Zone or purchase on consecrated vinyl disc here.

Roman Soldiers - Yuppie Fires

When War collides with Blank Dog's masked mysterian a most amazing thing (ROMAN SOLDIERS) occurs, voices all battle cries drowning in a million warped echoes.

Upcoming Gary War NY materializations off the Isle and deep into the Land of Brooks set to commence at Don Pedro's 14 May 2009 and Death by Audio 13 June 2009.


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