Thursday, 15 July 2010



After a month pause, video screenings resume this Sunday, July 18th at Dan's in Denton.

Starts at 10:30PM and it is free.

We will be looking at a vintage tour of a UFO cult's California headquarters, a string quartet playing in four different airborne helicopters, and early video work by industrial/electronic music pioneers Cabaret Voltaire.

Come out and say hello.



Unarius Academy of Science, 1987 (58 min.)

Founded in 1954 by Ernest and Ruth Norman, UNARIUS is one of the most colorful and long-lasting UFO spiritual groups in California. Known for the outrageous dress (and claims) of the organization’s late leader Archangel Uriel (Ruth Norman), students of UNARIUS continue to wait for the coming of the “space brothers” from their headquarters in El Cajon, California. The group produced this video tour in the mid 1980s as an attempt to recruit new members, explain their unusual philosophy, and give the curious a behind-the-scenes look at the organization.

Frank Scheffer, 1995 (77 min.)

“Karlheinz Stockhausen's Helikopter-Streichquartett is one of the most controversial and talked-about works of art in recent years. Premiering at the 1995 Holland Festival, it involved the members of a string quartet playing in four different helicopters flying through the air. The music the quartet plays is then sent to a central space and mixed at a soundboard. This film documents the complex preparations in the month leading up to the premiere of this work, as well as eliciting insights from the composer regarding how he conceived and executed it.”

Cabaret Voltaire & Paul Smith, 1982 (85 min.)

One of the first independent long form videos ever made, this compilation presents the electronic music pioneers early work “utilizing nascent video editing technology, splicing together television clips, performance videos and archival film footage with low-tech early video effects...”

Tracks: Diskono, Obsession, Trash (Part 1), Badge Of Evil, Nag,Nag,Nag, Eddie's Out, Landslide, Photophobia, Trash (Part 2), Seconds Too Late, Extract From JohnnyYesNo, Walls Of Jericho, This Is Entertainment, and Moscow.

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