Wednesday, 11 November 2009


This is but one of the only mid-week, you already are, for the weekend, will start to feel the excitement of the pulse through the veins to be known as neon in time to see her again. There is no question or doubt or anyone. Your movie is as epic and when all together and so familiar, yet wildly is original and thrilling. Expand the plot as an attractive, all snaps into place and can not be concerned about the outcome.

San Serac - Style

She came into this world of dreams you have extended only - and such a laugh living in the city under your feet wet if the streets run. She was beside herself with joy, yes, is beautiful and her look is best - but her fashion, her style foreign, are themselves beyond the glossy magazines and runways. This is a way of life. And to use as they now have two sparkling eyes meet when you touch her, yet somehow ancient and electrical vibration. Finally found the love you forever.

* 'Music Never Ends' by the legendary San Serac now to be available at Environ.
** Many thanks of the special to dear sister small, Jane, They Don't Call Them Lovers in High School, Leeland for beautiful images.

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Red-darkness said...

Wow :)
I love your blog, it's so interesting!