Monday, 12 January 2009


The Twin Stations of yesterday, Ceres and Mercury are still effective and influence. Cease worrying about the things which you cannot change or order. Try to remain productive in your fields of expertise. Continue important work concerning of the research projects and the literary continuations while Mercury makes back crawls in Aquarius and the Capricorn during the next weeks. The celestial bodies of retrogradation are a normal and normal part of the flow of the life in cosmos.

Baby Sloth Spirit - Astral Tides

They are not signals of the universe that something bad or the negative one must arrive at you. The moon continues to go to beat of the cordial and dynamic Lion. Appreciate a new round of recreation and play with the similar friends. Increase your process of thought and maintain your Spirit, open of astounding perspectives coming from without knowledge collectives like Jupiter. Submit a still-important report/ratio, subtle, but of 30 degrees with Pluto.

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