Friday, 5 September 2008


What does it occur of those the Demigods powerful once their Size and Legend are eclipsed? Do they tumble down Olympe frame in the depths of the blackness of Hades never to be re-examined? Do they go heavily above by their days as anybody ordinary, being delayed in the memories of when they shone more luminous than the gold of Sun?

Stevie Wonder - Stay Gold

Does Apollo on the high one large laugh at these poor creatures or empathize, imagining as what it must be to be curse with the human state of decline? Where does their greater exploit continue when is for a long time behind them? The fixed glance in Eternity and will see you their faces them, triumphing, The Champions, of which the achievements will be burned for always in the Corridors of Time, long after the wind carried ashes and the dust of their bodies time-effective in the sea.

The Alan Parsons Project - In the Lap of the Gods

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Anonymous said...

I love how they captured his smile.

-Zane of ontario honey